Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Houston Tummy Tuck: Abdominoplasty Procedure

As we age, so does our body. That’s nothing new, but there are other instances in life when we see our body change. Some of our clients look for a solution to their abdomen area and seek a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck procedure calls for the removal of fat and skin. Through the access of a tummy tuck procedure, the abdominal wall can be repaired and strengthened.. After giving birth, aging, and genetics, some may find themselves being weighed down by a sagging tummy.

Houston Tummy Tuck Patient Front - Downey Plastic Surgery
Houston Tummy Tuck Patient Front 2 - Downey Plastic Surgery
Houston Tummy Tuck Patient Side - Downey Plastic Surgery
Houston Tummy Tuck Patient Side 2 - Downey Plastic Surgery
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Results May Vary

Am I an Ideal Patient for a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck - Downey Plastic SurgeryIf there is fat in your abdomen area, but no additional skin, then a tummy tuck may not be what you need. Clients who have abdominal wall or muscle stretching or have lost elasticity in their skin should consider this procedure. Often times these are symptoms experienced by people who have undergone a significant weight loss or pregnancy.

What Are The Risks of a Tummy Tuck?

How is the Tummy Tuck Carried Out?

Initially, an incision is made across the lower abdomen area, close to where a C section incision may be place, but a little bit longer. The procedure may involve a repositioning of the navel, which may leave a scar around it. Then, Dr. Downey tightens loose muscles and removes unnecessary slacking skin. The remaining skin is redraped over the abdomen to leave a smooth, flatter contour.

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What is the Recovery Process Like?

Please remember that a weight loss plan should not be substituted by a tummy tuck surgery. It will also not make stretch marks vanish unless they are removed from the lower abdomen area, but it may improve some areas which have expanded your skin. Dependent upon the procedure, your overnight stay will vary. The abdomen area will be sensitive, swollen, and sore with some difficulty in standing upright. Depending on how you heal, most clients use one or two weeks to recover before resuming normal tasks like going to work. Typically, it takes approximately six weeks for a full recovery. Be sure to discuss with Dr. Downey what time is appropriate to begin taking up any physical activities such as exercise. Because of the surgery, a scar will remain, but will lighten and flatten within several months.

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