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It’s just a matter of time before spring is in the air. And with that, leading Houston board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Cara R. Downey, is set to provide the women in the city with a special 20% discount on all breast lift procedures for the entire months of March and April.

“Events such as aging and childbirth can really leave a lasting effect on the female form. More often than not, these changes can alter a woman’s sense of self and personal worth,” shares Dr. Downey. “This is why I am inviting women across the great state of Texas to renew their bodies this spring and experience a newfound sense of confidence!”

Breast lift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic procedure that surgically restores the breasts to a flattering and youthful profile. The procedure corrects a number of aesthetic issues women develop from age or pregnancy. Such issues include breast asymmetry, sagging, deflation, and low-positioned nipples. As a popular surgical option for women in Houston, Dr. Downey continues to perform hundreds of mastopexy procedures every year with successful and beautiful results.

Breast Lift in Houston, TX

Rejuvenate Your Breasts This Spring

From March 1st to April 30th, 2019, Dr. Cara Downey invites women in the city of Houston and its surrounding areas to enjoy a 20% discount if they book Downey Plastic Surgery’s Breast Lift Spring Special.

The special is only available at Downey Plastic Surgery and runs between March 1st to April 30th, 2019. It cannot be combined with other specials and discounts offered by Downey Plastic Surgery. To learn more, schedule an appointment now by contacting our office at  +1-713-496-2427!

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