Image Collision

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Label Name Type Notes
Option image_collision_option select
Left tab
Message message
Name image_collision_left_name text
Link image_collision_left_link link
Image image_collision_left_image clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Services image_collision_left_services repeater
Right tab test
Message message
Name image_collision_right_name text
Link image_collision_right_link link
Image image_collision_right_image clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Services image_collision_right_services repeater
Content tab
Content image_collision_content wysiwyg

Options -> Featured Services will have a right and left colored background which is already set in the code. The Left content block is for Heights Plastic Surgery and the Right content is for Studio Essex. There is a gsap animation the will move the title to the center of the screen while bringing in the colored background sections with their logo. AS you you continue scrolling the links will come from the bottom up to the center