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Facial Fat Grafting - Downey Plastic SurgeryGravity and wrinkling are not the only important components of the aging process. People also have a tendency to lose volume in their face when they get older. Both facial fat grafting and office-based fillers can be used to restore volume in the face.

Fat grafting has been shown to been shown to be a more durable option. Older techniques could compromise the longevity of the transplanted fat.

Volume loss can occur in many places on the body, but it is more pronounced around the jawline, eyes and cheeks. These are also the areas where fat grafting can play the biggest role in creating a comprehensive and balanced rejuvenation strategy for the facial area. In many cases, fat grafting is combined with other procedures, such as facelift and blepharoplasty.

Facial Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting involves removing fat from the thighs or abdomen and putting into regions on the face that are starting to lose fat. Only a small amount of fat is removed, so this procedure should not be equated with liposuction. The fat is injected into the areas using blunt cannulas. Because a microdroplet technique is used, more blood will circulate to the grafted fat. This helps improve the survival rate of the grafted fat.

Reasons for Facial Fat Grafting

In order to understand the role of fat grafting, you have to understand the way facial shape changes as a person gets older. In many cases, we can look at a person and tell how old he or she is without seeing fine lines or wrinkles. Why? Children have more rounded faces. An abundance of baby fat causes a person to have a rounded face.

During one’s 30s, a person starts to lose facial fat. Many women like this because it gives their face a more triangular-shape. As a person continues to age, he or she will continue to lose more fat around the jawline, cheeks and eyes.

People also have a tendency to gain weight around their neck, lower face and jowls. This can cause the triangular-like shape to invert. The goal of facial fat grafting is to invert the triangle so that a person can have a heart-shaped face.

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Facial Fat Grafting Results

Volume restoration can give the person a more youthful appearance. It can also help his or her skin look more radiant. Many people opt to get facial fat grafting because it is minimally-invasive and does not require incisions.

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