What can I expect during my recovery after a tummy tuck?

For the first 24 hours following your tummy tuck Houston patients may experience some pain, soreness, swelling, and bruising around your treated areas. Dr. Downey or Dr. Bullocks will provide you with prescription medication that can help manage your pain. You will also be asked to wear a surgical compression garment to ensure your skin heals tight against your body’s new contours. Within two to three weeks, you may return to work and resume low-impact daily activities.

While the results of your tummy tuck are considered final after about one to three months of healing, many patients report continuing to see gradual improvement over the next several months as swelling continues to subside. Final results of your tummy tuck may be easily maintained through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Dr. Downey and Dr. Bullocks are also rigorously trained in revision surgery, particularly of body contouring procedures for those who have had tummy tucks in the past and desire additional contouring.