What does recovery look like after a brachioplasty in Houston?

Following a brachioplasty Houston patients will be fitted with compression garments. These garments will need to be worn for up to three months, as they aid in reducing your swelling and promoting your healing. Dr. Downey or Dr. Bullocks may also provide you with prescription medication that can help manage your pain. You will be able to resume taking full-body showers about two days following your arm lift. We ask that you avoid putting your arms above shoulder height for at least one to three weeks to ensure your incisions heal properly.

Most patients return to work after about one to two weeks, depending on the nature of your job. Houston Brachioplasty Plastic Surgeons Dr. Downey or Dr. Bullocks will likely clear you to resume normal daily activities and mild exercise, including long walks, after about three weeks. We ask that you wait about six to eight weeks to resume more strenuous activities such as yoga and running. At six to eight weeks, your scars should begin to fade and continue to gradually improve over time. While you will see most results of your arm lift after just six weeks, ultimate results will not become apparent until all swelling subsides and the skin has settled into its new position.