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Hand Rejuvenation - Downey Plastic SurgeryWe do many things with our hands, which we do not usually protect from harsh environmental elements. As a result, the hands can actually appear older than their owners. They can develop thin and sunken skin, wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots and freckles, crepe-like appearance and enlarged pores.

Fat grafting to the hands is a special hand rejuvenation process that reverses these problems, leaving them fuller, smoother and younger. It stimulates the production of collagen and thickens skin.

What Does Rejuvenation Involve?

Hand rejuvenation involves various types of treatments, ranging from laser skin resurfacing treatment to personal home care.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

The gentle application of laser rays improves textural irregularities and skin color on your hands. To accomplish this, the application of Broadband Light (BBL) or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) may be used.

Injectable Fillers

To plump up sunken areas on the hands, injectable fillers are used after laser skin resurfacing treatment. There are different types of injectable fillers, the common ones being:

  • Fat transfer
  • Sculptra
  • Radiesse
  • Longer-lasting fillers

Fat transfer can be accomplished during 1-2 outpatient office procedures and though you may require touch-ups as the ageing process continues, the volume placed is permanent. Filler is a temporary solution that will need repeat injections after 4 months to 2 years, depending on the substance used.

Home Care for Your Hands

Patients must continue with hand rejuvenation treatment by adding recommended anti-aging skin care products on a regular basis. These skin care products are specially designed for the hands.

In addition to using specially formulated creams, the patients will need to shade their hands from direct exposure to the sun immediately after treatment because of sensitivity to UV light. They should prevent skin damage by applying sunscreen daily. However, the aftercare involved is relatively limited.

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Are There Ideal Candidates for the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

All people interested in improving the appearance of their mature-looking hands can receive hand rejuvenation treatment from Downey Plastic Surgery. There are no special prerequisites.

The hand rejuvenation treatment leads to fuller skin by increasing the production of collagen, removes age spots, lightens freckles and makes crepe-like skin appear more beautiful. It brings back youthful fullness that anyone will appreciate.

It is important to understand that hand rejuvenation treatment is a package that involves various types of treatment. Each type of treatment has its own anti-aging benefits and may be used by itself to get these benefits.

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