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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Management Program


Medically Supervised Weight Loss Management Program


Finding options to help with weight loss can be tough and complicated. Diets can be very strict and exercising without properguidance can result in injury and/or ineffective results. We understand that losing weight can be difficult, luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Dr. Cara Downey and Dr. Jamal Bullocks provide a customized and medically supervised weight management program. With our program, we help you achieve your weight loss goals and stick to them. 


What is our program?


Our weight management program is medically supervised, meaning you have a trained expert by your side to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain them. Whether you have a chronic illness or you’re looking to shed a few pounds, our program is customized to meet your individual needs. 


What to expect


Before you start, you will need an initial consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon and registered nurse. They will go over diet, medical history, lifestyle habits and diet. They will measure your BMI, body fat percentage and metabolic function. Once all that is assessed, they will describe the kind of medication or treatment you will need in order to meet your goals. You will know how the treatment works and how it’s manufactured. 


Depending on your analysis, our medical professionals may recommend:


  • Hormonal Supplement – Semaglutide
  • Lipotropic Metabolic Injections
  • Non-injectable Oral Tablets – Bella Tablets


What makes us different?


Here at Heights Plastic Surgery, we understand your struggles and we provide a medically supervised weight loss program ideal for you. We offer several solutions that deliver guidance and support from our medical physicians to not only help you lose pounds, but help you keep them off. We believe that everybody is different, and that’s why we cater to each person’s specific needs. 


With whichever option you choose to lose weight, just know that we believe our weight loss management program is not a one-size-fits-all. We cater to different body types, different lifestyles and different obstacles when it comes to shedding pounds. 


Instead of wasting your money and time on the empty promises fad diets create, invest in yourself and your health with a weight loss management program guided by medical professionals that guarantee long-term results.