Post-Tummy Tuck Diet

A lot of our patients who had a tummy tuck surgery decided to remove excess fat and skin from their abdomen. Although it is useful in creating a firmer and smoother abdominal profile, the surgery alone will not give a permanent result.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy the outcome of your surgery, sticking to a healthy diet is a must. To guide you in maintaining your new and improved body here is out recommended post-tummy tuck diet.

Post-Tummy Tuck Diet: Food to Eat

For you to heal properly after the surgery, you need a high protein and high fiber diet. If your body fails to receive enough protein, the existing tissues might fail to repair and heal poorly.

I recommend that you include the following in your meal plan:

  • Seafood like tuna and salmon are excellent sources of protein.
  • Dairy such as cheese, skim milk and Greek yogurt are rich in protein and contain calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Legumes that include soybeans and black beans are not only high in protein but are also rich in fiber.
  • White-meat poultry like chicken and turkey contain lean protein and little fat.
  • Eggs are very accessible and are jam-packed with protein.

Adding fiber-rich foods to your post-tummy tuck diet is also recommended. Fiber helps minimize the risk of constipation, which can be an aftereffect of pain medication. Consider having some of these high-fiber foods:

  • Whole grains such as cereals and brown or wild rice are good for digestion and can make you feel full.
  • Fruits and dark-colored vegetables like apple, strawberry, and artichoke – each contain 3 to 10 grams of fiber.
  • Nuts and seeds that include almonds, sunflower seeds, and pistachios have at least 3 grams of fiber per ounce.

Post-Tummy Tuck Diet: Food to Avoid

It is best to cut the consumption of food that might cause bowel problems and the accumulation of excess fat.

I advise that you stay away from taking the following:

  • Carb-heavy foods such as soft drinks, cake, and pasta are high in sugar and starch. These high-carb foods are less helpful to your body.
  • Fatty and greasy foods such as potato chips, ice cream, and pizza all have at least 10-20 grams of fat per ounce. These foods contain a lot of calories which – if not burned – can bring back the lost fat on your stomach.
  • Salty foods like French fries, instant noodles, and fast-food burgers can result in water absorption causing the affected area to swell.

In completing the Equation

For any procedure, it is important to remember that the surgery is only half of the equation. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle after the operation is equally important in maintaining the results. Your nutritional status following a tummy tuck surgery is essential for your overall recovery and outcome.

Always heed the guidance of your plastic surgeon to make sure that no further complications arise.