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Breast augmentation has become one of the most widely accepted plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Women of different ages and backgrounds have sought the surgical procedure in order to cosmetically enhance the size and shape of their breasts. The final results leave women with a youthful and shapely physique.

For years, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cara Downey has provided thousands of women in the state of Texas with natural-looking results from breast augmentation surgery. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Downey now to learn if you are a candidate for a personalized treatment plan!

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At Heights Plastic Surgery in Houston, breast augmentation’s price typically ranges from $6,000.00 – $8,000.00. The final cost of your surgery is determined by your choice of implants, the skill, and experience of your surgeon, the location of your procedure, and other miscellaneous medical expenses.

Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it may not be covered by your insurance provider unless it is a medical necessity.




Implant Placement

  • Submuscular
    The implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle. It allows more “coverage” over the implant. This protects it from visibility and palpability and decreases the risk of rippling and capsular contracture.
    The operation is ideal for thin women with very little breast tissue as implants are more appreciable in those cases.
  • Subglandular
    The implant is positioned over the pectoral muscle but under the breast tissue. It is ideal for patients who have enough tissue to “cover” the implant and for women with some degree of sagginess. It prevents a double bubble, which occurs when the implant causes the appearance of a breast on top of a breast.
  • Dual Plane
    The top half of the implant is covered by the muscle but the bottom half is covered by the breast tissue. It helps to reduce visibility in thin patients who also have a little sagging and may be prone to double bubble.


  1. Transaxillary
    This is a good option for women with very little breast tissue and no true breast fold. The scar may be visible, but it will be in the armpit, away from the breast.
    The size of the implant may be limited and it may be challenging for the surgeon to use this same incision for future surgeries or revisions.
  2. Peri-areolar
    This incision is ideal for women who are undergoing a simultaneous small peri-areolar lift. It does run the risk of minimal implant exposure due to the sterile glands beneath the surface of the nipple and capsular contracture. This incision type is not ideal for women with small nipples and silicone implants.
  3. Inframammary Fold
    The incision is hidden under the breast and typically not visualized from a standing position. It allows Dr. Downey the greatest control and possibly a decreased risk of infection.
  4. Transumbilical (TUBA)
    This is reserved for saline implants only. It offers very little exposure for Dr. Downey and for this reason, leads to its improper placement.
breast augmentation incisions


4-5th Generation Gel Implants SALINE (saltwater)
How does it feel? Softer, more natural Less natural feel
Position Sits slightly lower May sit higher (more cleavage), more rounded appearance
Risk of capsular contracture approx. 9% at 6 years approx. 10% at 7 years
Rupture approx. 3% for 6 years and not easily detected approx. 7% at 10 years and causes obvious deflation

Textured & Smooth Implants


ADVANTAGE: Has a decreased rate of capsular contracture or scarring. Dr. Downey may suggest textured when performing a concurrent breast lift or if you are considering future pregnancy.

DISADVANTAGE: Has a firmer shell and is therefore not quite as soft as a smooth implant. They also have a greater chance of rippling. Anatomical or shaped implants only come in a textured option to minimize rotation and malposition.


ADVANTAGE: Has a softer feel. They also have less rippling in the upper area of the breast and maybe better for women with very little breast tissue coverage.

DISADVANTAGE: Has a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture. Due to the fact that they are able to slide more in the tissues, implants may be more affected by gravity over time.

textured vs smooth - breast implants houston

Implant Shapes


This implant shape provides women with more fullness in the cleavage creating a distinctly round profile. The round implant shape is often used to enhance breasts that are naturally shapely while creating a more defined cleavage.


The shaped (or teardrop) implant has become popular in recent years. More fullness is projected along the lower half of the implant, allowing it to mimic the shape of a woman’s natural breast.

round vs shaped breast implants

Implant Profiles

The most important measurement in choosing breast size is the width of the patient’s natural breast. This is done using a measuring device called a caliper. Dr. Downey can then give you a range of options depending on your goals.

  • Low Profile – It gives the breast a more natural look, though they may seem flat when seen from the side.
  • Moderate Profile – The most common profile used during surgery. It can provide women with more volume and fullness, allowing the breasts to appear more natural.
  • High Profile – It provides women with a considerable amount of projection on their breast, giving them a very round shape.
identifying breast implant size using calliperbreast implants profile


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the top two cosmetic procedures in the United States. It attracts millions of healthy women every year who choose to undergo surgery for a number of reasons, including:

The procedure is available to women who are above the age of 18 with fully-developed breasts. Women who agree to any of the conditions below are required to undergo a mammogram screening:

  • Being aged-40 and above
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Skin dimpling
  • Irregular discharge from the nipple
  • Changes in the skin that include lumps and bumps

Additionally, women who have just given birth are required to wait at least six months after breastfeeding. This will allow the breasts to settle into its final position on the chest wall. Dr. Downey also advises women who wish to have children to wait as the procedure may inhibit the ability to breastfeed.

To ensure the best recovery, we encourage patients to refrain from drinking and smoking for six weeks before and two months after surgery.


Preparing for the breast augmentation procedure can be a daunting task. Try to do the following to prepare yourself for the surgery:

  • Avoid taking medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen for two weeks before surgery.
  • Avoid drinking or eating 12 hours prior to surgery.
  • Take a pregnancy test if you believe you might be pregnant.
  • If you are on your period, use napkins, as tampons may cause complications.

How does Breast Augmentation work


Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that does not require an overnight hospital stay. Before surgery, Dr. Downey will place incision marks on your breasts with a pen. At the operating room, your anesthesiologist will place you under local or general anesthesia. Once sedated, you will be supported by a breathing machine.

You can expect to wake up in recovery with minimal discomfort. Dressing gowns and a surgical bra will be placed on your body. Before leaving, your family will be given instructions for post-operative care, which must be carefully followed.


During surgery

  • Implant ruptured
  • Severe bleeding or a badly healing wound
  • Incorrect or overdose of anesthesia

After surgery

  • Bleeding or hematoma
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture (scar tissue around the implant)
  • Poor scar formation
  • Malrotation
  • Asymmetry

I've been wanting to do botox and get my skin looking great for some time now.  I was a little nervous, Dr. Downey had a great staff, and she was super patient and fed me enough information to calm m...

- Stephanie O.

I had such a great experience with Dr. Downey.  I was referred by a friend.  This was my third attempt at getting surgery on some trouble spots after significant weight loss.  I didn't go in with h...

- Paul V.

It was very easy for me to make a consultation appointment.  There was no pressure to sign up for surgery that day.  Dr. Downey was very professional and friendly.  She answered all my questions an...

- Brittany G.

I had breast augmentation on 12/2/14 and Dr. Downey and staff made the whole experience amazing.  Since the surgery I have minimal scarring and I look and feel great!  This was one of the best decis...

- Ashly T.

Dr. Cara Downey, thank you so much for the care you gave to me and the exceptional work you have done to my body! You are amazing. Because of you, dreams come true! You are the best! Thank you for ble...

- Andrea C.

I didn't think I would ever feel this great again. Now I can wear strapless dresses. My shirts no longer have the peep holes near the buttons. I'm just so pleased with the work Dr. Downey has done. Bu...

- Client012017


24 – 48 Hours After Surgery

  • You will be given antibiotics and pain medication
  • Surgical bra and dressings must be left in place for at least 48 hours
  • Food that can easily upset the stomach must be avoided
  • Showers can be resumed after two days
  • Plenty of rest is recommended

1 – 2 Weeks After Surgery

  • Bruising and swelling are expected
  • You can return to work
  • You can resume driving
  • You can resume performing light household chores
  • It is recommended to avoid activities that will raise your heart rate and blood pressure, such as exercise and strenuous activities

1 Month After Surgery

  • Bruising and swelling will begin to subside
  • You can gradually return to unrestricted exercise once cleared by Dr. Downey

3 Months After Surgery

  • Your breasts will settle out and “drop” to their final position
  • Nipple sensation will begin to gradually return
  • The presence of scars will be significantly reduced

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