Kybella® in Houston

Double Down on the Double Chin.

Transform Your Appearance.

Submental fullness, also known as the infamous double chin, can cause you to look older or heavier than you really are.

But the time for avoiding photos and hiding from mirrors is behind you—In Houston Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injection to reduce submental fullness!


also known as: \ Ky-BEH-luh \

An injectable treatment used to diminish submental (under chin) fat.

Procedure Overview


Submental (under the chin) fullness

Procedure Time

45 minutes - 1 hour



Not pregnant/breastfeeding

Possible Side Effects


Slight pain at the injection site



Frequently Asked Questions

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What to Expect

Before, During, and After Kybella® in Houston

1. Attend a One-on-One Consultation.

The first step of a Kybella treatment at Studio Essex is a one-on-one consultation. We take the time to get to know you—your goals, medical history, face shape, and and desired results.

2. Approve Your Treatment Plan.

Our team of chin fat reduction specialists always collaborate on every patient case. We'll offer you expert recommendations on how best to address your submental fullness.

3. Getting Kybella.

First, we will place topical numbing cream on the area your provider will inject Kybella. Then, we will mark the areas of injection on your chin. Lastly, your highly skilled injector will strategically inject Kybella into the skin underneath your chin and around your jawline. You can expect to see results from your chin fat reduction 4 to 6 weeks after your initial treatment.

4. Follow Up.

After the Kybella treatment Houston chin fat reduction specialists recommend a series of treatment sessions. The amount of sessions varies depending on each patients' needs, but for most, a series of 6 sessions results in permanent submental fat reduction!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kybella in Houston