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breast reconstruction houstonSometimes cancer requires that breast tissue is removed, in which case, breast reconstruction may be an option to restore the chest. After a cancer operation, a woman has an option at any point after that to decide to undergo this procedure. The surgery recreates the breast mound and restores it to as close as a desired size and shape. In breast reconstruction, there are three categories which are implants, tissue-based reconstruction, and a combination of implants and tissue.

Implant-Based Reconstructive Procedure

There are a variety of implant options to choose from and even different types of implant surgery. During one-stage immediate breast reconstruction, the implant is placed at the same time as the mastectomy. The two-stage reconstruction is commonly done because it allows the breast skin to recover properly after a mastectomy and gives a better breast bound and outcome. During this time, an expander, which acts as a balloon, will be placed under the skin and chest muscle, and a surgeon will fill it for throughout 2 to 6 months with a salt-water solution to give your skin time to acclimate itself to the stretch in the breast area. During the second part of this process, the expander will be removed, and a permanent implant will take its place. However, if radiation is needed, a delayed reconstruction may be an option. After radiation, the tissue expansion continues and second surgery will resume.

For more considerations about implants, please refer to our page. Any important factors are discussed on that page.

Tissue-Based Reconstruction Procedure

In this option, tissue from other areas of your body such as your stomach, back, thighs, or butt is used to reconstruct the breasts. Dr. Cara Downey is well versed in DIEP flap surgeries which utilize tissue from the tummy and moves it to your chest. Because the tissue in tissue-based breast reconstruction acts as it would in any other part of the body, your flap procedure allows for the enlargement or shrinking of your breasts as you gain or lose weight. Replacements or ruptures aren’t a worry in this process either. These procedures are offered as an option to women who do not have blood clotting disorders or those who do smoke.

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