Introducing our Essex Wellness Club


March 1-31, 2024


All Day

Essex Wellness Club [EWC]

Kick off 2024 with a new you! Join our Essex Wellness Club [EWC] with a 6-month commitment for just $99/month. The EWC membership includes a complimentary consultation [$150 value] for our injectable weight loss program with Julie Cathey, BSN, RN, a monthly B12 shot – plus significant savings on our wellness treatments.

Your $99/month credit can be used towards the cost of your at-home injectable weight loss medication. Our most popular medication being Semaglutide [commonly known as Ozempic/Wegovy] and introducing at-home injectable medication Tirzepatide [commonly known as Mounjaro/Zepbound]. Your $99/month credit can be applied to any of the following wellness treatments. 

Wellness Club Member Pricing:

  • $595/month Semaglutide*
  • $695/month Tirzepatide*
  • $30 Single B12 Injections [normally $50]
  • $119 IV Drip Therapy – Myers, Restore or Detox [normally $285]
  • $30 Single Lipo-C Injections [normally $40]
  • $249 EmSculpt Treatments* [normally $1,000]
  • $229 EmTone Treatments* [normally $700]


*6 Month Commitment Required, $99/month [$594 total] is auto drafted on the first day of the month. $99 can be applied to any of the following wellness treatments: monthly injectable weight loss medication, IV drip therapy, B12 injections, Lipo-C injections, Emsculpt or EmTone Treatments. Monthly membership does not roll over, the $99 must be used in the month collected. Most patients experience ideal weight loss on injectable medications between 4 months to 12 months. EmTone and EmSculpt treatments provide the best results when done in a package of 4 performed on a weekly basis and maintenance treatments space 6-8 weeks after initial 4 treatments. The cost of the monthly injectable medication may vary from listed price above if patient are at a higher dose.