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Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss - Downey Plastic SurgeryUnusually high weight is becoming an increasingly common issue around the globe, making weight loss a required intervention for the well-being of many. Losing weight is not an easy task, but it is well worth the effort for both one’s appearance and health. However, losing a considerable amount of weight can come with an unwanted consequence: excess skin. This is because the skin and tissues left behind after major weight loss often lack the needed elasticity to fit the reduced body size.

With a large amount of body fat worked off, the skin has little to support. Where it was once stretched tight now becomes loose and amorphous. Similar to the skin, the body tissue also sags and loses a lot of its form. When excess skin and tissue is present, the increased health obtained with reduced weight is unfortunately accompanied by an undesired cosmetic result. There are also health issues associated with excess skin and tissue, including back pain and increased likelihood of infections. The situation is one that asks for a sound solution. That solution is found in body contouring. Body contouring helps give your body the desired shape in different parts of the body. Although a healthy diet and an exercise routine are the healthiest ways to lose weight, slim down, and fill out excess skin, there are always other options for those who struggle to do so.

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Body Contouring Procedures

Body contouring after a major weight loss aims to wholly redeem the rewards of a difficult and significant reduction in weight. It is a surgical procedure that works to restore tightness to the body by countering lingering excess skin and tissue. Following a great reduction in weight, the process of body contouring involves locating and removing the extra skin and tissue that is no longer necessary to support the reduced body size.

To better understand the positive changes that body contouring after a major weight loss can bring, it would be helpful to examine the undesired changes in particular parts of the body that are typically seen due to excess skin and tissue. Because everyone is different, these form changes are more easily noticeable in some people than in others.

Upper Arms

One who has experienced a major weight loss is likely to find their upper arms now ‘hang’ and sag considerably. This also often results in a pulling feeling in the arm when doing normal activities.  The contouring option for this problem is called Brachioplasty.


After a significant weight loss, it is expected that the form of the breasts will be affected. Unfortunately, the changes experienced in the shape of the breasts are often adverse and unfavorable. Rather than having a perky appearance, the breasts will typically lower and sag. In many cases, the nipples will point downward and inward, rather than forward. The excess skin places constant weight and strain on the breasts, pulling them down even further over time. These changes often create a much older appearance, in which case we look to contouring for a solution.


After significant weight loss, the amount of tissue lost from the abdominal area is typically disproportionately greater than the other body parts. The resulting excess skin can create the illusion of remaining body fat where there is none. Lower body lift contours the abdomen area where the excess skin is lifted from the body.

Thighs, Groin, and Buttocks

These areas also commonly see adverse effects after a large weight loss. Where there should be tightness, the excess skin now hangs loose and sags. The skin can also fold and wrinkle. The resulting appearance is amorphous and is often viewed as unpleasant. See lower body lift and inner thigh lift for more contouring information in this area.

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