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Chin Implant - Downey Plastic SurgeryImproving someone’s physical appearance is possible nowadays thanks to the numerous advances in cosmetic science. One way to boost physical appearance is to undergo a chin surgery. The shape of your chin enhances your overall face and balances the appearance of the nose. Mentoplasty, otherwise known as chin surgery, can alter the shape of a person’s chin by either using a special implant to add shape to the chin or reduce or augment the underlying bone of the chin. For smaller changes, an implant may be ideal; for more dramatic change, often cutting, moving and placing a titanium plate to hold the bone in a new position is required.

Risks of Chin Surgery

All cosmetic procedures, whether they’re routine or invasive, have some risks. Chin surgery is no different. There is a slight chance that the chin implant will shift months after the surgery, which will need to be corrected by a doctor. The area where the surgery took place is also prone to infections. If a chin implant becomes infected, it will have to be removed. Scarring is also a risk, and, most likely, patients will have a very tiny scar that can be easily covered with makeup. If adjustments to the underlying bone are performed in place of an implant, the pain can be more significant. However, the incision is well hidden within the mouth. There is also a chance of infection of hardware or bone itself, which would require further surgery.

Side Effects of Chin Surgery

Undergoing a chin surgery does present itself with some side effects. After the surgery, you’ll feel some discomfort in the chin area that can be controlled with pain medication. Swelling is also completely normal and will go away a few weeks later. You might also feel tightness in the chin, which is also normal and should go away soon.

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During the recovery process, patients are advised to avoid contact sports and physical activity. Painkillers will also be useful during the recovery and will help keep possible swelling under control. Patients should also keep their head elevated because it will reduce swelling.

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