How do I know if I need a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or facelift?

In Houston, Heights Plastic Surgery performs hundreds of plastic surgery procedures every year. Each patient will receive custom recommendations from both Dr. Downey and Dr. Bullocks regarding the exact surgical approach to correct their unique concerns. For some patients, a brow lift is sufficient in providing results; for others, a combination of procedures will be ideal.

Our experienced surgeons offer a brow lift as an alternative to a full facelift for patients whose root cause of concern lies in their forehead and brow. A patient who is experiencing sagging cheeks, jowls, and/or lips may be a better candidate for a facelift or mini-facelift. A small percentage of the patients who come for a brow lift consultation at Heights Plastic Surgery don’t even need surgical intervention to correct their wrinkles or creases! Instead, a combination of skin resurfacing or skin tightening treatments plus cosmetic injectables (like Botox or Filler) will adequately reach their goals.

At HPS, our mission is to give every patient the education and custom recommendations they need to make an informed decision. Some will even visit other plastic surgeons in Houston for a second opinion. Because undergoing a Houston plastic surgery procedure is an intimate decision and a long-term investment, we encourage you to take your time in making the decision that’s right for you.