What brow lift techniques do you offer at Heights Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Downey and Dr. Bullocks are highly experienced in the six types of brow lifts in Houston:

    • Coronal Lift. A coronal lift is a technical term for a “classic” brow lift. During a coronal brow lift, we place an incision just above the ear and extend this through the hair to lift the skin and remove any excess.
    • Endoscopic Brow Lift. During an endoscopic brow lift in Houston, we create small incisions hidden in the hair and use specialized equipment to gently release and elevate the brow tissue. Because we consider this “minimally invasive,” this technique can improve healing and downtime compared to a traditional brow lift.
    • Temporal Brow Lift. For younger patients who would still like to see more dramatic improvement to their forehead and brow, a temporal brow lift may be an ideal option. In this technique, you are not required to go under general anesthesia. Instead, we use a local anesthetic to perform a much more scaled-back version of a traditional brow lift.
    • Direct Brow Lift. During a direct brow lift, typically for older patients, we may place the incision right at the brow to help correct deep wrinkles and excess skin.
    • Transblepharoplasty. Particularly popular with male patients, as transblepharoplasty is an “add on” procedure to an eyelid lift that simultaneously allows us to make small adjustments to the brow.
    • Pretrichial Brow Lift. For patients with long foreheads, this brow lift technique is effective for not only lifting the brow, but also reducing the overall size and length of the forehead for a more balanced appearance.