Recover from a Mommy Makeover like a Celebrity!

One of Hollywood’s biggest open secrets is the use of cosmetic surgery to maintain a young and rejuvenated physical appearance. Many go under the knife to fix subtle imperfections like loose skin or stretch marks; others choose to return to their amazing pre-pregnancy figure with a Mommy Makeover. The latter is an especially popular surgical procedure, with celebrities like Cardi B. and Sharon Osbourne undergoing them to restore their pre-baby bodies.

Recovery is necessary to make sure you achieve your desired results. But can you recover from your own procedures as the stars do? Why yes, yes you can! A celebrity’s mommy makeover procedure is essentially the same as the one you might undergo. So, here are some ways you can emulate celebrities when healing up after a mommy makeover surgery!

Rest, Relax, and Recuperate

Some celebrities don’t get enough rest – it’s just part of their job. Cardi B. once had to cancel one of her tours after she found she couldn’t keep up with the rigors of the job so soon after she had her mommy makeover procedure. Recovery is important. So make sure you heal physically, emotionally, and mentally before returning to work or physical exercise.

Have a Friend or Loved One Assist

No man is an island! Celebrities often heal up in their homes with their loved ones around to give them the best recovery possible. You will benefit from the same treatment. It doesn’t have to be that long – maybe 3 – 5 days at most – and it’ll just involve the simplest of tasks such as sweeping or cooking. Additionally, the presence of a loved one can significantly improve your emotional and mental well-being during a possibly-stressful period.

Clean Your Wounds and Replace Your Bandages

The sterile fabrics over your wounds serve to keep them from being exposed to the elements. Keeping your sutures clean and your bandages fresh can help prevent infections. Remember to apply your doctor-prescribed creams or ointments to make sure the incisions heal well. This is actually something you likely have an advantage in during recovery compared to your favorite stars – sometimes celebrities simply don’t have the time to do this.

Work on Maintaining Your New Figure

A mommy makeover isn’t magic. Because of the way the body works, there’s still a chance that old issues may return or new ones may pop up. This goes for everyone, celebrity or not – there’s work to be done to make sure your new figure will actually be permanent.

For mommy makeovers, a strict diet and exercise are practically necessary. Removing excess fat is a core part of the procedure, but if you don’t work on burning off extra carbs, the remaining fat cells can still ruin your new shape. Celebrities have it easy enough – exercises are likely part of their typical activities already.

So before you undergo a mommy makeover, make sure you’re ready to dedicate yourself to a lifetime of upkeep! It might be a lot of effort, but your new figure will be worth it.

Trust Only Board-certified Surgeons

No matter how good a celebrity looks, it’s important to remember that everyone has a unique body type. This is why it’s important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure that your desired body shape is the right one for you.

A highly experienced surgeon can greatly shorten recovery time and minimize, if not eliminate, risks from a mommy makeover procedure. The very bests are certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, marking them as among the leading practitioners in their chosen fields. Celebrities often demand the best, and so should you.