Immediate Breast Reconstruction: Why It’s Your Best Option


What if you or someone you know found out that she has breast cancer, what would you do?

As daunting as it seems, the next crucial step that a breast cancer patient has to take is figuring out what to do about it.

The breasts are one of defining features of a woman’s body. Hence, losing them to cancer is close to unbearable.

To Have to Not to Have Breast Reconstruction?

There are cases where women will undergo surgical procedure first before considering cosmetic reconstruction.

While mastectomy should be a priority, forgoing plans for breast reconstruction can pose issues. This includes longer time to “complete” the treatment process and difficult adjustment period. Bear in mind that a woman may not feel whole without her breasts.

Plus, delayed reconstruction means re-opening scars that were already healed. This is to secure the new implant or tissue flap.

Hence, it is important to find the right team of specialists who can help you along the way.

What You Need to Know About Immediate Reconstruction

Undergoing mastectomy and breast reconstruction at the same time can be beneficial.

Also knows as Immediate Reconstruction, this procedure requires the cooperation of a breast cancer surgeon and a reconstructive surgeon. They will plan out every step of the surgery, which allows for a fuller end-result. This includes preserving the skin tissue that can help in the reconstruction of the breast itself.

This kind of procedure cuts the hospitalization time in half. As a result, you will have fewer surgeries. It will also reduce your medical expenses significantly.

Additionally, undergoing both procedures simultaneously reduces the emotional trauma brought by mastectomy. Not to mention that Immediate Reconstruction can make you feel complete again sooner.

In comparison, mastectomy alone can result to a permanent scar. This is due to the removal of majority of the breast skin through a long incision across the chest.

What is Your Next Step?

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, always remember that you are in control!

While immediate removal of cancer cells from the body is important, it is not easy to lose a body part. Especially if it is one that naturally defines womanhood and femininity. Thus, it is important to have a long term view of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Consult various breast cancer surgeons and board-certified plastic surgeons. They will shed a light on what option would work best depending on your situation.

Give yourself the time to weigh over all the options. And then decide whether it will be best for you to have immediate reconstruction. Whatever you choose will have a lasting effect on your future and how you live the rest of your life. So think well and make your decision the best one it can be.


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